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Refugees Sponsorship

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Refugee sponsorship

Refugee sponsorship in Canada is a testament to the country's commitment to humanitarian values.
At Move in Canada, we understand the importance of providing refuge to those in need, and we specialize in various types of refugee sponsorship programs available in Canada.


Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR): PSR is a program that allows Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or registered organizations to sponsor refugees. Sponsors commit to providing financial, emotional, and settlement support for refugees for a specified period. This program empowers individuals and groups to directly contribute to the resettlement of refugees in Canada.



Group of Five (G5): The Group of Five sponsorship program enables a group of five or more Canadians or permanent residents to sponsor refugees who have fled persecution, violence, or hardship. As sponsors, they collectively assume the financial and emotional responsibility for the refugees, assisting them in their resettlement journey.

Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) Program: BVOR is a unique collaboration between the Canadian government and private sponsors. Under this program, the government covers the initial resettlement costs, while private sponsors offer emotional and settlement support. BVOR is an excellent option for sponsors looking to make a difference with reduced financial commitment.

Government-Assisted Refugees (GAR): GARs are refugees whose resettlement is primarily funded and managed by the Canadian government. While private individuals or groups can't directly sponsor GARs, they can still support their integration efforts by volunteering or donating to organizations that assist GARs.

Community Sponsorship: This program allows groups of five or more Canadians or permanent residents to sponsor refugees from abroad. Community sponsors take on the responsibility of providing financial, emotional, and settlement support to help refugees establish themselves in Canada.

Joint Assistance Sponsorship (JAS): JAS is a partnership between the government and sponsors, often used for particularly vulnerable refugees. It combines government support with financial and emotional assistance from sponsors to ensure the successful resettlement of refugees.

Our immigration consultants can guide you through these programs and help you choose the best way to make a difference in a refugee's life. We believe in the power of kindness and support to change lives and make Canada a more welcoming place for refugees

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